About Us

Ordinary people from all walks of life with a passion for begonias.

Member participation


Members are encouraged to join in meeting discussions about Begonia growing and culture problems and to display their best Begonias on the display table.



A variety of speakers attend our monthly meeting to talk about specific plants. Begonia maintenance and other issues of interest.



There is an active Protectors and Lovers of Species (PALS) group, which meets member's homes.

Garden Visits

Visits to members’ gardens and other places of interest are arranged from time to time.


Garden Shows

Notice of garden club functions are advised via meetings and newsletter.


Trading Table

Members may buy and sell at the trading table in the half hour prior to the meeting.



An informative newsletter is mailed out prior to meetings to all financial members. It features meeting dates, activities, articles and growing tips.


A very comprehensive library of Begonia books, journals and newsletters from around the world are available to members. These and articles held in the library may be borrowed by members at no cost.


Visitors are always welcome to attend meetings on a casual basis to observe or hear a particular speaker or topic of interest.

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